Is the end of the world coming? The white buffalo is born, what does the prophecy show: 2 thousand years ago...

2024-06-14 14:58:52Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The rare white buffalo

A rare white buffalo is said to have been born in Yellowstone National Park , fulfilling an American Indian prophecy that is synonymous with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ .

The newborn buffalo was identified by a family who spotted the white creature among a herd of buffalo near the Lamar River on June 4.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, who is the spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Oyate, said the birth of the white buffalo is like the Second Coming for his people.

According to Lakota legend, 2,000 years ago when food was running out and the buffalo were disappearing, a woman appeared who gave a member of the tribe a bowl and a body and explained how to pray and use the pipe to draw the buffalo for food. Then she turned into a white buffalo.

According to the legend it says: And one day, when times are hard again, I will return and stand on the earth as a white buffalo, with a black nose, black eyes and black hooves.

Based on Braaten's photos, the white buffalo has a black nose, black hooves and dark eyes, because an albino buffalo would have pink eyes.

It's not the first white buffalo to be seen by humans — one was born in 1994 in Wisconsin and was named Miracle, Looking Horse said.

"Many tribes have their own story about why the white buffalo is so important," Heinert said. "All stories come back to them being very sacred."