Juli asked her if she is pregnant, this is how Franceska answers

2024-06-14 11:58:37Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Some of the former residents of the third edition of "Big Brother VIP" gathered last night to celebrate Roza Lat's birthday. The latter had organized a private dinner where Julian Deda, Franceska Murati, Fation Kuqari, Ledjona Xheladinaj, Erjola Doçi and Elvis Myrta were invited.

The former residents of the most famous house in Albania have posted different photos and videos from the birthday party on their social networks.

Ledjona has posted on "Instastory" a video where she first caught Juli and Erjola looking at the phone, apparently they were reading the news circulating on the network about Franceska.

For several days there have been rumors about Murat's possible pregnancy, and the reason for this was a post that she herself made a few days ago on "Instastory".  

Francesca soon mother for the second time? The former resident of BBV3 says it bluntly...

But not only that, as later the well-known journalist, Andri Vrapi, published a photo in which she appears with Franceska at an event. What is noticeable is the fact that the former resident of BBV3 has put her hands on her stomach, implying that she is expecting something sweet.

Is Francesca really in sweet anticipation? Juli also asked this question last night at the dinner organized by Roza.

"O Franç, are you pregnant or not?" Juli asked, to which Murat replied:

"I'm not" and shows that I'm drinking wine.