Inside Roza Lat's birthday party, here are the former residents of BBV3 who were present (PHOTO)

2024-06-14 10:57:04Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The former resident of "Big Brother VIP3", Roza Lati, celebrated her birthday the day before. The well-known moderator has decided to have a private dinner on the occasion of the special day.

And at this dinner, some of the former residents of the most famous house in Albania were also present, with whom she shared her journey in BBV3.

From the posts on social networks, it can be seen that Julian Deda, Franceska Murati, Fation Kuqari, Ledjona Xheladinaj, Erjola Doçi and Elvis Myrta were present.

Meanwhile, the absence of Rike Roçi was noticed, with whom Roza has had a close relationship in the BBV3 house but also outside it. Even Rike has not made any post on social networks about Roza's birthday. And the fans are curious to know what is happening between the two friends.