"The teacher abused the children, every day I had a stomach ache", the moderator remembers the 'hell' of the third grade!

2023-09-28 09:47:25Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Catherine Trunk

You can often hear the phrases "I wish I stayed at home today" or "my stomach hurts" from children, and behind them is not only a lack of desire, but also an emotion.

According to pediatrician Lira Gjika, children say such sentences when they feel afraid, something that she remembers doing herself, moderator Katerina Trugu also experienced the same situation.

"I did it myself, my stomach hurts, because I was afraid. In the second grade, I remember, my stomach really hurt, I could bear it when I was. And there was one time, what we had, I had a nipple and I stimulated a stomach ache" - said the pediatrician.

" Fear. I have also experienced this. The whole third grade was a real hell because I was in a different school for only that year. She was a very strict teacher, who abused the children, abused them, but did not shout at them. I had a stomach ache every day, I cried every day before I went to school ", recalls Katerina.

It seems that this situation is repeated even today by children who seem to find reasons not to go to school.