Weekly horoscope/ New opportunities and connections for these signs, find out what will happen

2024-06-24 18:50:53Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Weekly horoscope

This week is full of new opportunities. The Moon is in Aquarius and will interact with Gemini, reminding you that it is important to hope. On Friday, you will have the opportunity to create new relationships based on passion and chemistry. Saturn retrograde will begin, which lasts until November 15, to inspire you to have more ambition and discipline.


You should know that the people you hang out with will serve you a lot in the future. The Moon in Aquarius will interact with Jupiter to help you have more creative ideas, which you will share with your friends, colleagues and relatives. During this week, you will try to strengthen your connection between your feelings and your body, to take more care of your well-being.


During this week you will explore your values ??and principles, especially in terms of work. A cooperation between Mars and Venus will help you to use your communication skills wisely, to reach a new level at work, as well as to get the information you will need. Saturn's retrograde in the sign of Pisces allows you to meet people from your past again.


Let your curiosity guide you, dear Gemini! The Moon and Jupiter make you wander in your desires to discover other places and expand your horizons. Then, the interaction of Mars and Venus inspires you to reflect and listen to your conscience.

The crab

Happy birthday, Cancer! This week you will discover more about your truth and be inspired to find your authenticity. Mars and Venus help you communicate more with friends and find the right time for them. For you, this period is full of lessons and wisdom, which will challenge you, but also shape you.


If you find yourself in a difficult situation, ask for help. On Monday, you can experience a big change in your approach to doing everything alone. You will call close friends, those who take care of your needs and you will be able to embrace new behaviors, more useful for your future.


Keep your feet on the ground. This week coincides with a test of your concentration and observation skills, so the more alert you are, the more success you will have. The conjunction of Venus and Mars prompts you to plan an adventure with your friends and think about vacations, healing your soul, and seeing the future with more courage.


Have you noticed how much your self-confidence goes? This week, the confidence you have in yourself will be in the stratosphere, so take risks that you didn't even think about before. New and interesting paths will appear before you, which will help you have a different mindset and perspective in almost every aspect of life.


Trust others more. You deserve more and everyone knows it, so it's okay to build trust and be able to depend on others for some projects. Mars and Venus give the romance the impetus, the chemistry and the right enthusiasm, so it's no wonder that on the weekend you make a romantic escape with the person of your heart.


Use your words carefully, Sagittarius! On Monday, the cooperation between the Moon and Jupiter motivates you to listen more carefully and speak when you deem it necessary. Little things have a big impact on your relationships, so be careful with your tone and manner of communication.


Careful steps go a long way. Moving slowly makes you more successful and you know it, so take your time and enjoy the whole process. Chemistry with a person who looks very different from you will be in the air this week, so don't be afraid to discover the unknown.


Express yourself, Aquarius! The week starts with a great desire to tell a truth that you have kept secret for a long time, first from yourself and then from others. A cooperation between Venus and Mars makes you find the peace and space you need at this time. At the end of this week, you will have the opportunity to do more spiritual practices, as well as pay more attention to finances.


Leave the past where it belongs! During this you will be able to free yourself from behaviors and choices that belong to the past and instead embrace new opportunities, which will strengthen your communication skills and enable you to have more healthy relationships with people. to surround you. Reflect, learn, apply!