They admitted it themselves, but now the PHOTOS come out that seal the return of Sara and Ledri

2024-06-24 14:19:24Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

 Sara Hoxha and Ledri Vula have been in the center of attention in recent months, due to a rumored crisis between them. The couple itself has chosen to add more fuel to the fire, never giving concrete answers to their relationship, even for the sake of the fans and support they have. A few weeks ago, the news came out that they are back in each other's arms, and have returned to live together. Now the evidence for this has come out.

Now we have new proof that they are together. Ledri and Sara, together with Poem, were recently in Switzerland together. The rapper was at the 'Alba Festival', where he performed on stage, while Sara and Poem supported him as spectators. Although they did not pose together, it cannot be a coincidence. Sara has been present every year with Ledrin at this festival.

There has always been a shadow of doubt over the separation of Ledri and Sara, with the duo not making a public statement yet. The only one who has spoken is Ledri's manager, Fatoni Shoshi, who has stated that the reason for the couple's separation is that they have not found a common language. In every pronouncement, he has left open the possibility of reunification.

"You will not tell me that it is a permanent ending and you will not tell me that when you join someone you are eternal. They can even be reunited or worse broken. Everything can happen," he declared, among other things.

Invited to "Chery on Top", when she was asked if she believes in comebacks, Sara had this conversation with Bora Zeman:

Sara: For me, you are the best example of recovery and I have nothing to say.

Bora: I thought I didn't believe it, but it happened to me and the return was stronger than the beginning.

Sara: Definitely, because it makes you stronger I believe.

While the rapper gave an interview to MCN TV, where he was asked if he believes in comebacks. "Yes, I'm back with 100 problems", was his diplomatic answer, referring to the song "100 problems" that brought him back to music.