PHOTO/ Enca caught MAT with her AFRICAN lover in the former Block!

2024-06-18 12:24:57Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Enca/ Mickey Neblett

For some time now, Enca has been absent from the music market, even from the concerts organized by the artists.

But it seems that the artist is enjoying good days in private life.

For almost 1 year, she has made public the relationship with the African masseuse Mickey Neblett and since then the pair has been everywhere inseparable.

The media have published photos of the couple in the area of ??the former Block, where it must be said that Enca appears completely different from what we are used to seeing on social networks, or even in her public appearances.

Dressed in a floor-length dress, it looked like the singer still has weight issues.

Both wearing sunglasses and hurrying their steps, the couple left the parking lot to head to their destination.