PHOTO/ The ex-husband of Diola Dosti confirms the new love relationship, a well-known name in Kosovo

2024-06-18 11:38:53Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The ex-husband of the nutritionist, Diola Dosti, Dardan Baftiu has confirmed the new love relationship.

Today, the gynecologist posted a photo in an InstaStory with his stepmother, Bardha Leka, who is celebrating her birthday.

"Another 100" - he wrote, while placing a white heart next to the photo.

The pair looked very much in love, while Dardani held his girlfriend in his arms.

The former couple ended their relationship a few years ago, from which they also have 3 daughters.

Diola was the first to confirm the relationship with the Kosovar businessman, Erolld Belegu, while apparently the ex-partner was an impetus for Dardani to make his romance public.

The girl who stole the gynecologist's heart is a well-known character in Kosovo.