Declared that Lotina is the best thing that happened in her life, Loredana 'answers' Mozzik?

2024-06-18 09:13:51Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Mozzik/ Lotina Haziri

For some time now, the famous rapper Loredana Zefi has been enjoying her romance with the talented German footballer, Karim Adeyemi .

The pair has repeatedly appeared in various posts on social networks where they are seen next to each other, very much in love.

Now Mozzik has left behind the past and the separation from Loredana, as the rapper is in a new romance.

Through some posts, it seems that Mozzik is in a relationship with the daughter of the politician Lutfi Haziri, Lotina Haziri .

Recently invited to an interview, Mozzik spoke about the new album and his personal life, where he stated that his new partner Lotina is the most beautiful thing that has happened to him in these 28 years of life.

"It is a very short topic, which is concluded very clearly. That feeling is that I am very well and I am very happy. I wrote a lot to Lotina. It's not that, it means it reflects an old like of mine...It's a promise ring. I'm not engaged. I'm in a relationship. It is the best thing that has happened to me in 28 years of life", said Mozzik.

Recently, after Mozzik's statements, Loredana posted some photos with her partner, Karim, which were picked up by fans as a response from Loredana showing that she is also in love and happy with Karim. In the post she writes:  Love .

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