"That's how low you know me"? Fierce debate between Ilnisa ​​and Romeo, Meritoni intervenes: Don't say 'soul' to my partner

2024-02-21 19:17:57Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilnisa ​​is the "apple of quarrel" between Romeo and Meriton

Romeo and Ilnisa ??have argued because of different situations created at home.

During this debate, Meriton was involved, who criticized Romeo's way of communicating with his best friend, Ilnisa.

But on the other hand, since their social relationship is broken, Romeo has retaliated.

The full debate between them:

Ilnisa: You can't be argued with, because you make intrigues with anyone who comes in front of you.

Romeo : I am discussed but without intrigue.

Ilnisa: Where is the intrigue to trap you?

Romeo: You just did it now.

Ilnisa: What did I do now?! Why do you want to bring the conversation to intrigue.

Romeo: You are the one who comes out with statements that I will be against Romeo.

Ilnisa: You made this up.

Romeo: Oh, you said it. You had a bad time with that guy, he dumped you, he made you judge by the comments and that's why you felt bad.

Ilnisa: Why do you think that all people have it in with you and want to intrigue you?

Romeo: I see you're making a fool of yourself. When they did it, I said it.

Ilnisa: Do you think I have nothing to do while I'm talking to you?!

Romeo: You know very well who you are dealing with.

Ilnisa: You have unprecedented self-confidence. You know well who you are facing, tell me.

Romeo: I told you, you know well who you are facing. You do one thing, you say another thing.

Meritoni: Is it possible for you to remove these souls and hearts from me? Brother, when I'm here, out of respect, don't say.

Romeo: You didn't say it with that connotation. It's a waste of time.

Meritoni: When I speak, look me in the eye.

Romeo: This is your woman, and I call the soul the heart in that connotation. That low you know me? You didn't tell him that at all. You are biased, bad. I have spoken to you very well and you have done the things I have spoken to you about. But you will understand later.