PHOTO / Well-known make-up artist SHOKON with the statement: Meritoni asked me for 4 at the hotel...

2024-02-21 17:27:44Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Merit / Dario Doka

The well-known make-up artist Dario Doka has released several "bombastic" statements on his Instagram profile, attacking the resident of Big Brother Vip Albania 3, Meriton Mjekiqi.

In several consecutive posts, Dario has called Merito "slanderous", "ignorant" and "barbaric", among some of the words that can be mentioned.

It is not known what "irritation" the make-up artist had with Meriton, whom he says he knows earlier, and even claims that at one point he asked him to have sex with 4 people in the hotel.

"Slanderer, ignorant, brat. He forgets that Meritoni wrote about 4 in the hotel, and after I refused, he blocked me...ahh, I'm not there to smack him in the face once, Dario writes, among other things, on his Instagram.

Furthermore, he also attacked Bardhi, and did not hesitate to comment extensively on all the other residents, but with a general negative sense.