The CNN reporter's question that infuriated Vucic

2023-10-02 20:32:51Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Vucic and journalist Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour, the well-known CNN journalist, interviewed the president of Serbia, Aleksandër Vucic, regarding the recent developments in the north of Kosovo. Vucic admitted that the military troops have been withdrawn from the border between the two countries, after calls from the US and the EU, as he justified himself with the fact that the military leaders decide on military maneuvers and not him.

Vucic said that he never wants a war with Kosovo, as it would be a conflict with NATO.

“There's nothing to worry about now. We want to see a greater presence of KFOR in Kosovo", said the Serbian president.

To Amanpour's question whether the organizer of the attack in Banjska, Milan Radoj?i?, would be brought to justice, Vu?i? responded by saying that justice will do its job, but without confirming whether it will hand him over to the Kosovo authorities.

"The problem is that the Serbs wanted to defend themselves and I will not defend the killing of an Albanian policeman, I did not do it. I condemned him ", underlined Vucic.

He accused Pristina of carrying out "gradual ethnic cleansing" in the north, which Amanpour said the European Union and the US disagreed with. She reminded Vucic that after the negotiations in Ohrid, he said that he did not sign the agreement because "his arm hurts", and asked him if he is still in pain or is he ready for an agreement, to which Vucic said that Serbia is constructive and this was also said by the international representatives Josep Borrel and Miroslav Lajçak.

At one point, Amanpour mentions to the Serbian president that he usually speaks differently about the internationals and differently about the Serbian people, a finding that greatly irritated Vu?i?, who tried to correct the CNN journalist.

"I did everything that I told our friends from the USA and the EU that I would do, and the constitution of Serbia exists and I must respect it," said Vucic .

Proud that the constructive side came out in the last meeting in Brussels, he said that he had put an offer on the table for the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, that he would implement every point of the normalization agreement, if Kosovo forms the association.

Another question that irritated Vu?i? was that of reports with Milorad Dodik, with Amanpour asking for an answer if Vu?i? was behind the recent tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Republika Srpska is threatening to secede.

"Don't put words in my mouth that I didn't say," replied Vucic, quite irritated. At the end, he was also asked if he supports the message of the athlete Novak Djokovic, where during an event he wrote on camera " Kosovo is the heart of Serbia" , answering that it is an idea supported by 99% of the population in Serbia, hinting, including himself.