Kanye West's "wife" born in a criminal family, the "dark" past of the architect's background is revealed!

2023-10-02 15:13:55Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Kim Kardashian/ Kanye West/ Bianca Censori

After breaking up with Kim Kardashian , the famous rapper Kanye West a few years ago married Bianca Censori , who has long been in the center of attention of the pink media because of her strange clothing.

But recently MailOnline has revealed its 'dark' past and background.

According to this media, the architect , whose family is originally from Italy, was born and raised in Australia , and her uncle is a notorious gangster, known by the nickname ' Al Capone of Melbourne '.

Bianka's father is called ' Elia Leo ' Censori and was sentenced to several years in prison after being caught with heroin and a loaded pistol.

Bianca's father is known as a ' serious criminal figure ', while the uncle of the rapper's wife, Eris Censori, is a hired killer.

Their older brother Edmondo, known as ' Eddie Capone ', is serving a string of convictions including assaulting the police, theft and menacing.