TOUCHING/ "Mom I love you, I'm dying", the father publishes the last audio of the daughter who died in a fire in a discotheque in Spain

2023-10-02 08:39:31Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

 At least 13 people were killed, four injured and three missing after a fire broke out at the Teatre nightclub in Murcia, southern Spain. The incident happened at around six in the morning on Sunday and the fire spread to other nightclubs in the shopping area.

Firefighters managed to extinguish the flames. At the moment, the origin of the flames, which also included the Golden and Fonda nightclubs, which spread to the first floor and then caused the ceiling to collapse on people, is not known. Among the moving testimonies is that of the father of a victim who has published on social networks the audio of the message received from his daughter around 6 am. "Mom I love you, I'm dying," the girl can be heard speaking amid the screams of other people inside the club.

Many survivors said that immediately after the fire, the electricity was turned off.

The first images from the area of ??the accident show dozens of young people on the streets near the nightclubs, while a large column of black smoke has come out of the premises. 12 fire engines and 40 workers were used to extinguish the fire. Emergency services set up a center to provide help, especially psychological, to survivors. The police also announced that the presence of other deaths is not excluded. Specialized units from the Murcia Police Headquarters are investigating to determine the origin of the fire. 

This is not the first fire to hit the Teatre nightclub, since in June 2009 some cables on the facade caught fire. This time too, it seems that the cause of the disaster may have been the burning of a short electrical circuit, but according to the firemen, we have to wait for further investigations to ascertain the origin of the flames. The region of Murcia declared three days of mourning.