Naim Murseli speaks for the first time to the police, makes a shocking statement

2023-12-01 21:16:04Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Naim Murseli

Naim Murseli, arrested on suspicion of having paid 30,000 euros for the execution of his wife, spoke to the police for the first time.

Before the Kosovo authorities, Mursili is reported to have confirmed the suspicions that many had from the first moment of the event.

According to what the media in Kosovo report, the adviser of the former president Behgjet Pacolli, has admitted that he paid money for the murder of his wife, Liridona Murseli.

This was admitted first by the suspected author of the murder, now also the one arrested together with Naim Murseli. Granit Plava has declared before the Kosovo police that he was paid (or promised) by his fellow villager, Naim Murseli, a full 30,000 euros to kill his wife.

The event two days ago was allegedly staged to look like a robbery. Liridona Murseli was killed in front of her two children and in front of her husband, who is suspected to be the one who paid to see her dead.

However, in this event that resembles a movie script, the mystery still remains as to why Naim Murseli wanted his wife dead.