"Unseen act in our tradition", Pacolli reacts after it was revealed that his former advisor ordered the murder of the woman

2023-12-01 18:51:23Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Behgjet Pacolli / Bottom: Liridona and Naim Murseli

The former president of Kosovo, the chairman of AKR, Behgjet Pacolli reacted after the Kosovo police discovered that his former advisor ordered the murder of the woman.

Today, the police arrested Naim Murseli and Granit Plava, the latter as the suspected author of the murder of Liridona Murseli, for which he said to the authorities that he was paid by his fellow villager, Naim, with 30 thousand euros to commit the serious crime .

Pacolli says that this is an "unprecedented act of our tradition" and that he is still shocked by the whole event. He also congratulates the Kosovo police for the complete clarification of the serious event.

Pacolli's message:

Today, the children and family buried Liridona, a daughter and young mother who was brutally murdered. I am still horrified and shocked by the murder of Liridona, whom I knew personally. Today and every day, my prayers and thoughts are with the children and family of Liridona.

I congratulate the Kosovo police for the great and professional work they are doing to solve the case. Whoever is behind this terrible and macabre act (unseen in our tradition), must be brought to justice and receive the maximum punishment for this.

Today, two children are without their mother, whose life was taken in her youth.

Unbelievable and sad.

I'm still in shock!