"The robbers knew that the bride had money in her bag", Liridona Murseli's father-in-law says: The children are very bad

2023-12-01 12:28:12Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Liridona Murselli's father-in-law, Shaban Murselli, has spoken about the show 'With an open heart' on News24 by moderator Evis Ahmeti. The 33-year-old woman was executed in front of her children and husband after a robbery in Koosvë.

The elderly man said that the couple was living in Sweden when they fell prey to a robbery.

Part of the conversation with Shaban Murselli, Liridona Murselli's father-in-law

Shaban Murselli: Liridona and her husband lived in Sweden. They opened a company in Kosovo and bought a house in Pristina. They were returning from dinner, 400 meters before going to their house, they came out with guns and took all their belongings. The deceased resisted.

How long had the bride been back?

- The boy returned in June, while the bride returned in October.

He said that there are several variants of the event, while he added that his son's family had 3 thousand euros with them in their bag, as they were building a new house.

"We are very bad. The two children were at the prosecutor's office, now they are returning from the street. I also hope that the psychologists were also present. Naim's condition is serious. Naimi is returning from Pristina.
I arrived from Sweden this morning, and we haven't met yet. I have read the media. Someone says that it is a car with foreign license plates, or there is another suspicion. Maybe it can also be related to the task. According to all the information I have, these were being settled in new homes. Liridona had a significant amount in her purse and resisted. They had somewhere around 3 thousand euros. Naim was driving the car. They came out with guns in front of the car. When they came out with guns, Naimi realized that they would all be killed and ran away from the car. There is also another version where he opened the children's door and said to his wife; run away, but she resisted. But it may have been confused with the seat belt because it was stress," he said.