Fists and headbutts, fights in Dortmund with fans, 5 Englishmen are injured (VIDEO)

2024-07-10 22:10:26Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Dutch hooligans have injured five England fans after several incidents in Dortmund, the city where the semi-final takes place.

The cause of the clashes is reported to be the Dutch hooligans' attempt to take the "Saint George" flag, the English flag.

According to "DailyMail", videos of groups of people dressed in orange t-shirts of "Oranje" as they throw stools outside the Sausalito restaurant in Germany have appeared on the X platform, before the semi-final match.

The police have said that there are groups of hooligans among the tens of thousands of Dutch fans present in Dortmund. British police advised England fans to stay in areas where there is a heavy presence of German law enforcement, in order to have protection from them.

A member of bar staff at the restaurant claimed the brawl broke out after Dutch fans tried to steal a flag from England supporters.

According to "DailyMail", referring to those present, there were provocations from both sides of the fans.

"The Dutch were telling the English they would go home and lose tonight. Then I saw the Dutch fans trying to get the England flag and that's when the trouble started. The Dutch fans started throwing objects, chairs and bottles and then the England fans retaliated" - said a witness to "Daily Mail".