SPAK's "whims" with business, the same accusations, two different attitudes

2023-06-03 14:44:13Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The official SPAK announcement regarding the operation to arrest the secretary general of the Ministry of Health on corruption charges suggests once again that special prosecutors do not follow the same standards in corruption cases.

In the case of the secretary of the Ministry of Health, SPAK not only did not charge and arrest any businessman, but did not even mention her in the official announcement.

The opposite happened in the case of the incinerators file, where SPAK not only mentioned them in the official announcement, but demanded the arrest of dozens of businessmen who are still in prison today. This is the double standard with the behavior towards the business, which in the case of the incinerators equates to the official accused of corruption, while in the case of the secretary of the Ministry of Health, Joana Duro, the business avoids criminal responsibility.

Even in the case of the tender for new state police uniforms, the company involved in this tender was not included in the file. But what is the standard to follow?

A few days ago, it was the former minister of justice who raised the concern of business being hit in the case of incinerators. "Watch carefully that business is being put in the dock. If I make a tolerance to some extent of the public official, who are paid by our taxes, but not to fall into the dock those who pay taxes. The same as those who spend taxes. That's not how it works, it's not fair and I don't think it serves the public. I don't think this legal behavior serves justice, the legal and constitutional order in the country, accusing business with trumped-up charges. Business has a duty, to he gets up in the morning to spend and earn money and it is not a shame to earn money, because this is where the idea that these are kulaks has been created. There are kulaks, there are oligarchs, there are bourgeois, communist terms, bolsheviks.

SPAK officially announced this Saturday the arrest operation of the secretary of the Ministry of Health, who is accused of corruption. It is suspected that she benefited 330 thousand lek to favor an economic operator in a health tender.

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