SPAK closes the file on the trafficker Alban Peza for the theft of millions of euros with the oil wells, takes the pensioner Namik Simixhiu to prison

2024-07-07 13:44:12Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Alban Peza

Two days ago, GJKKO, at the request of SPAK, returned 68-year-old Namik Simixhiu to prison, without a kidney and with a bag of medicines in his hand, suspected of abuse of office.

While the pensioner Namik Simixhiu without one kidney will remain in prison without being punished, on the other hand, SPAK has quietly and suspiciously closed the file of a theft of public assets worth tens of millions of euros, with the oil wells in Ballsh.

The protagonist of the file on the appropriation of public property is the trafficker Alban Peza, who has appeared for years as a businessman, beneficiary of public concessions for the exploitation of public above and underground assets, beneficiary of permits for towers and resorts, investing millions of euros with dubious sources.

It is still not known with what procedural trick and argument the file was closed, when the appropriation of public property worth 27 million euros was documented by the High State Control by the company Anio Oil & Gas, founded in 2014. Alban Peza is the administrator and owner the only one of the hydrocarbon company.

Alban Peza won the right to exploit the oil fields in Ballsh-Hekal in 2018, in a suspicious and unclear way.

The Peza company, in cooperation with Albpetrol and AKBN, has used the executive office of Altin Vakos to transfer the operating license of this field from the company TransAtlantic Albania, Ltd, a branch of the American company GBC Oil, to Anio Oil & Gas.

The GBC Oil company took the Albanian state to international arbitration for two other fields, that of Cakran and Gorishti, which were confiscated by the Albanian authorities in 2017.

Later, documents were published demonstrating that the Albanian authorities had been negotiating with a Russian company, Jurimex, for these fields before they were confiscated.

The fact that the Albanian state was facing international arbitration with this company did not stop the representatives of AKBN, as the supervisory authority in the field of hydrocarbons, from violating the law and allowing the alienation of hydrocarbon licenses to be done by the executors and no longer by the institution that is representative of the Albanian state in this field.

Hydrocarbon licenses are granted only by AKBN, which has the exclusivity of granting licenses in this sector. Then a hydrocarbon agreement is reached with the managers of Albpetrol and these licenses and agreements go to the Ministry of Energy for the firm and are finally approved by the government with VKM.

The value that the Anio Oil & Gas company has offered for the rights and obligations, in the future and in the past of this contract, is a ridiculous value of 700,000 USD.

The Ballshi oil field is mostly managed by the state company Albpetrol.

A small part of it was under the administration of the company TransAtlantic Albania. For its part, TransAtlantic Albania had accumulated a positive balance against Albpetrol of 18,000 tons of oil quoted at a price of over $5.5 million USD in this field of Balsh. Also, this company had invested over $13 million dollars in this field during its administration.

This entire balance, which according to the contract that Albpetrol and AKBN have signed, goes entirely to the Anio Oil & Gas company of Peza. So this company, buying an asset from the state for $700,000 that has just signed this corrupt contract, immediately gets the rights to $18.5 million dollars for this resource.

Meanwhile, the loss for the state is double because not only did the state lose $17.8 million dollars in a single transaction, but it also deepens the hole that has been built in international arbitration.

Not only that. But in a report published in 2023, for the audit of the valuation of Albpetrol, the High State Control established another theft scheme of Alban Peza with the company Anio Oil & Gas and included tens of thousands of euros of expenses in the hydrocarbon cost account in flagrant contradiction with the provisions of the concession agreement, avoiding taxes.

At the head of this corrupt scheme is a well-known character in criminal networks, that of Alban Peza, with previously unpublished files, who is suspected of having bribed directors and former ministers.

We invite SPAK to ask the Greek authorities about the black activity of Alban Peza, what he was sentenced for, how much he was sentenced and how to avoid the punishment. / Backstage