Bido: The 2023 census reveals a megascandal of anti-Albanian manipulation of the 2011 census

2024-07-04 17:08:23Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

How about 2200 census forms were added without people on the ground, marking Greeks with false names, to produce the Xarre Municipality with a Greek majority, when in fact it is 85% Albanian. The demographic facts that reveal the scandal of 2011.

By Ardit Bido

While we wait for autumn to see the ethnic composition at the municipality level for the censuses, the data so far are enough for us to understand a megascandal, which must be followed by the competent bodies, how it was manipulated by adding fictitious residents (all of Greek nationality) in a certain municipality of the country in 2011. The Xarrë administrative unit, today part of Konispol Municipality, which according to civil status registers, researchers who have done empirical studies in the field, the Greeks Baltsiotis and Kallivretakis and the British Winifrith is over 80% Albanian , suddenly 53% Greeks came out with a majority. In my study "Battle for the 20 percent" I have not explained the reasons for this anomaly, but I have decided that it is statistically impossible. In public statements, I have said that there were two or three hands that did this manipulation. Today, we can specify in detail how the manipulation was carried out by the then INSTAT, or under the nose of the then INSTAT, adding fictitious residents, people who did not live in Xarra and not a few, but a full 2050 to 2180, all of Greek nationality .

Pure forgery!

The results of the census so far for the deep south brought an "abnormal" panorama, where compared to the 2011 census, the Municipality of Konispol has lost 40% of its population, falling to 4898 out of 8245 inhabitants, in an area where the other municipalities of Saranda , Himara and Finiqi have increased, being the first two poles of tourism and the Municipality of Delvina a decrease of 15%. To anyone unfamiliar with the area, this statistic may seem normal, but it surprised me personally. Konispol municipality is a municipality with a strong agricultural economy, the "queen of tangerines" of Albania, with other seasonal workers who do not run away from their hometown, because they work as day laborers four kilometers further, across the Albanian-Greek border. Even more so, that Konispol Municipality was the only one that had an increase in population from 2001 to 2011, according to the censuses. So, I went back to the numbers. It is precisely the newly published census data, the unreasonable decline of Konispol compared to 12 years ago, that reveal to us the mechanism of the falsification of 2011!

While we do not have data at the level of administrative units for the 2023 census, the 2011 census data show us that the Xarrë administrative unit has 4,263 inhabitants out of 8,245 in total, i.e. 52 percent of Konispol Municipality. This is where the problem starts. In the 2001 census, Xarrë Administrative Unit had 2254 inhabitants out of 7197 inhabitants in total that Konispol Municipality had, in other words 31.4 percent of Konispol Municipality. In order to come to a conclusion, which time will prove to me in the fall, I requested through the law "On the right to information" the most reliable data that we can find on the population ratio between administrative units, registrations of students in the first grade in the last ten years. What results is consistent with the figures of 2001: the schools of the Xarrë Administrative Unit (Xarrë, Vrinë and the Mursi branch) have about a third of the students of the Konispol Municipality on an annual average, specifically 34.7%. So, one third of Konispol Municipality students come from the Xarrë Administrative Unit, every year in the period between the two censuses.

This has only two explanations: either after 2001, about 2,200 people returned to the former municipality of Xarre (all of Greek nationality), but without children, who were left alone in Athens or elsewhere, and immediately after the 2011 census, they fled to Greece again to meet the children, or certain hands or inside INSTAT in 2011 or under INSTAT's nose in 2011, after they did the population census normally and correctly, took blank forms, entered fictitious names, marked their Greek nationality and produced the abnormal statistics that Xarrë Municipality had.

Since we have not heard in the news about the massive problem of children left alone in Athens and the Mursjots and Xarrjots are Albanians by habit and are not the ones who would leave children alone, and since there is nowhere to find 2200 Greeks to return to Xarra because they do not exist, it is provably provable that the mechanism of manipulation was through the addition of fictitious names, people who do not exist to about 2200 Greeks in Xarra in 2011, in a scandal that must be investigated today.

They even faked it so badly that the numbers didn't even match. That figure means that 93% of the Orthodox population of the area is declared as Greek, while, according to historical data, also confirmed by the analysis of the Greek researcher Kalivretakis, Winnifrith and Kretsi, 55% of the Orthodox of the area are ethnically Albanian, 22.5 % are ethnic Greeks and 22.5% are ethnic Vlachs with fluid national self-identification. Also, it means that 86% of the Greeks of the former Xarre Municipality have Albanian as their mother tongue, which constitutes a paradox of the concept of fluidity of ethnic identity, where the minority has an overwhelming grasp of the self-identification of the speakers of the majority language. But this manipulation was not in vain. He was rewarded a year later, in 2012, by the Greek state through the inclusion of these villages in the decision to designate minority villages in Albania, giving them Greek cards, Greek pensions and other assistance due to Greek citizens.

We have to wait until October to see if NJA Xarre has a third of the population of Konispol Municipality as it appears in the 2001 census and in the data of the schools in the area. However, such a drastic decrease in the population of Konispol Municipality can only be justified through the manipulation and artificial increase of the population of Xarrë Municipality in 2011. If we reverse the equation, i.e. if we remove these 2050 to 2180 forms of non-existent people, the Albanians go in 80% of the municipality of Xarre, in total agreement with any other statistics and with the respected Greek researchers Baltsiotis, Kalivretakis and Kretsi and the British Winifrith, while the total population of the administrative unit goes to ? of Konispol Municipality.

Here I have to add a personal apology, for two paragraphs in my book "Battle for the 20 percent". It is true, as I have said, that the Greeks of that municipality before 1990, according to the civil status registers, are 7.5%. It is true that according to Kalivretakis, in 1995, they had fallen below 7%. Other figures for today's population do not hold up. Taking as a basis that NJA Xarre, which has 10% Greeks, was 53% of the Municipality, I mistakenly came to the scientific conclusion that today the Greeks of that municipality vary between 6.8 and 13 percent. However, with this scandalous manipulation, with the artificial increase of the population of around 2,200 non-existent inhabitants, all Greeks, the real figure varies between 2.3 and 6.5 percent and that of the Vlachs between 0.5 and 2.5 percent.

I have this sincere apology for every reader, but I justify it to myself only for one reason. In a census like the one in 2011, which was done with pencil and paper, I expected that two or three hands who had access, would take the declarations of the Albanians, delete the "Albanian" box and mark the "Greek" box with another pencil. ". However, to add about 2200 non-existent people is not enough. The Census has monitoring groups, reviews, and methodologies that ensure that even if falsifications such as the one above occur, names can never be added in large numbers, non-resident individuals can never be marked, and names can never be artificially duplicated. the population of an administrative unit.

If the first, in a census with pencil and paper (there is no way to do it with a tablet), two or three people who have access and malignancy are enough for this resulting manipulation and we will see it proven in the fall when the report between NJA Xarrë and Konispol Municipality, there is intervention from above. The political leaders of that time and INSTAT leaders of that time cannot be hidden. Not only have they deliberately inflated the population of at least one administrative unit, but it is clear as day that they have done so for the interests of a foreign nationalism against the national interest. This is a scandal that I could not even imagine or even predict!