Is samir mane, the businessman who blocked green cost servers and called to SPAK?!

2023-09-17 19:46:06Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Green Coast / Samir Mane

The attempt to hide the real owners of millions of euro villas in his luxury resort in Palas, including the villa of former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj, seems to have made trouble for one of the country's biggest businessmen, Samir Mane.

His company "Green Coast" and also the "Mane TCI" result that they have committed deliberate acts to prevent the truth from being revealed, more specifically, they have committed to hindering agents of the National Bureau of Investigation during their work to discover the villas that Arben Ahmetaj's ex-wife Albina Mançka had in the resort of Samir Mane.

This is not only detailed in the SPAK file on Arben Ahmetaj, but now the link becomes even clearer, following the statement of criminalistic expert Ervin Karamuço.

The latter, in the show "Top Story" made a strong statement that surprisingly passed quietly by many media in the country.

Karamuco, though not named, said a major oligarch in the country had been blocked by property management servers at his resort. He also added that the oligarch in question has been called to SPAK several times to testify and in his close circle has expressed his concern.

It is not very difficult to suggest that the businessman in question is Samir Mane, it is enough to read the SPAK file detailing how BKH agents were given, by green coast employees, two different documents on ownership of the same villa, the one numbered "73" of Arben Ahmetaj's ex-wife.

When they realized this serious mistake that led to the exposure of the real owner, panic-involved Samir Mane employees have tried to turn off the computer where detailed data of the villa owners were stored, says the SPAK file.

This coincides with Karamuco's statement, who said in Top Story that SPAK has blocked the server of one of the luxury resorts in the south of the country.

In addition, the SPAK file also reveals that companies have made fictitious contracts to cover the other villa of Arben Ahmetaj in the resort "Valamar".

BKH Agents in Green Coast

During the verification of the villa that was suspected of being owned by Arben Ahmetaj, and bought with corruption money, BKH agents were surprised to take two different properties for the same villa.

Since there were two different documents, investigators asked two employees Claudia Sinanaj and Ervisa Maçovila not to make any action on their computers, as investigative actions would be carried out.

Green Coast employee Klaudia Sinanaj suggested in a panic to her colleague Ervia to delete from her computer the document showing that the villa was of Albina Mançka, impeding the investigation and with the intention of saving Albina Mançka and Arben Ahmetaj from criminal liability. Also, employee Erisa Machovila turned off the computer, telling them that the computer was private.

But returning to Karamuco's statement, this computer today is blocked by SPAK. If karamuco has meant that it has been seized and is in the hands of SPAK, then this computer may indeed be the Pandora's Box that will reveal not only the properties of the fugitive former prime minister Arben Ahmetaj, but also of oligarchs, businessmen and many public figures in the country that has often been said to serve only as covers for the real owners of millions of euros' villas.

BKH agents see who enters and who leaves villas on Green Coast

Samir Mane's company, by preventing the truth from being revealed, appears to have forced BKH agents to resort to other more archaic routes. They are positioned during the summer near mane resorts, to observe who they are who enters and exits the luxury villas.

"Four out of eight oligarchs are mentioned in SPAK, two of them have been called, one of them has been blocked by servers that manage assets in the south of the country. There will be miracles. The villas in the resorts where they stayed this summer were closed.

"He was afraid of SPAK, there were BKH agents who stayed to see who enters and who goes out in these villas," Karamuço said.