"The Contrite Lawyer" / Alban Bengasi comes from Dubai to show corrupt judges and prosecutors?

2023-09-07 17:25:58Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Alban Bengasi, in the background SPAK

According to Nuredin Duman's testimony, the lawyer Alban Bengasi commissioned him for 120 thousand euros to execute his ex-wife, whom he accused of treason.

The execution did not take place, and Bengas was stopped on Tuesday while he was entering the country on a flight from Dubai.
After the detention, news emerged that the lawyer was arrested. But the truth seems to be different. Sources say bengasi's lawyer has given himself up to the Albanian authorities. According to sources, as soon as he landed in Rinas he handed over the means of identification to the police and communicated verbally to them who he is.

SPAK requested him for investigations within the voluminous "Golden Bullet" file. For a long time, the lawyer stayed in Dubai, while the return to Albania, according to sources, was well thought out and warned by him through a correspondence he developed with SPAK from the escape.

Criminal proceedings against lawyer Alban Bengasi began in May last year following Nuredin Duman's testimony. He faces three counts, that of domestic violence committed in cooperation, structured criminal group and committing criminal offences within the structured criminal group.

The charges against him are among the most serious, which according to legal provisions are punishable by at least 10 years in prison. But why did alban bengasi self-serve? Will he admit guilt? Will he become a justice collaborator to reduce his sentence against himself?

These are some questions that time will answer. However, sources for Voxneës.al indicate that Benghas self-deed could be the starting point of a storm in the justice system. As a lawyer with several years of experience in this system, he has had contacts with prosecutors and judges, many of whom have passed vetting and are currently part of the new justice system.

Sources say that Alban Bengasi has asked for guarantees from SPAK to self-serve and in return he will speak both about the three charges brought against him and the connections to Nuredin Dumani, but especially for corrupt people in the justice system.
The testimony may open a Pandora's box, as the congratulations state, the lawyer Alban Bengasi's ties to the justice system are years old and the work has put him in direct, but also indirect contact with dozens of prosecutors and judges. Among them, according to sources, names of current prosecutors and judges, even of special structures, may emerge.

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