Strong denunciation of former Commander Meçollar: "Imperial family" is alienating the properties of the Navy Academy to build a resort

2023-09-06 08:47:38Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Artur Meçollari

How the ranks were obtained with the possessions of the Navy and the Naval Academy.
The property of the Naval Academy has been all state, expropriated by the Italian War Administration.
Soon the "Imperial Family" will have a 5-STAR resort of the Navy Academy.
SPAK is investigating some FD properties, but it looks like it should also start the Navy Academy.

Today, 62 years ago, the Navy Academy was established at the Pashaliman Naval Base and very soon it would be transferred to where Sami Frashëri had said, in Vlora. The Naval Academy would close in 2005, becoming the Corps School for the Navy.

But in 2007, the Troop School was also dissolved and at the proposal of the leaders of the Naval Force at the time. The Naval Academy came out of the Deployment and Spread Plan altogether. This is the moment when the territory of the Academy was alienated and from the 42,000 m² it was, today only 11,000 m² remain.

In 2016, an area of ??about 19,200 m² passed to the Municipality of Vlora and a year later to the Ministry of Tourism. Also, in 2011, an area of ??1,500 m² was sold to a private person, and in 2015, Fjetina and Kinoklubi were sold to the same private person, who then probated the land. Construction continues with the permission of the Municipality.

The entire property of the former Academy of the Navy, of almost 43,000 m² in 1946, was expropriated by the Government of the time with the owners the Italian War Administration. This property was purchased from six owners in 1940. Today the Navy has two properties (No. 904) separated by the back road, one property with an area of ??4,800 m² and 7,400 m², a portion taken.

Of the 43,000 m² (in sky blue), which were seized in 1946 from the Italian War Administration, today the FD has only about 8,000 m² (in red). Most of it has been alienated with forged documents as private property.

The property of the Navy with an area of ??4,800 m² is expected to join that of the Ministry of Culture of 19,200 m² and the KKRT will soon approve the construction of a 5-STAR tourist resort for the "IMPERIAL FAMILY" on an area of ??24,000 m² (property between two roads) . Official documents were falsified, considering it to be private property.

The Naval Academy emerged from the Deployment and Deployment Plan in 2008 with the signature of former FD leaders who were rewarded with ranks and assignments.

The sale of Fjetina and the Cinema Club in 2015 was made with the proposal and signature of the leaders of the time of FD, who were rewarded with ranks and duties.

The exit from the structure of the FD of the Naval Shipyard in 2015 was made at the proposal of the firm of the leaders of the time of the FD, who were rewarded with assignments abroad. Today, the Shipyard has only 43 personnel from 180 in 2015.

The delivery of the Saranda Naval Base in 2022 was made by FD leaders awarded with ranks and duties

The construction of the building at the Shengjin naval base was allowed by FD leaders rewarded with ranks and duties

The extraction from the Deployment and Deployment Plan in 2016 of 133 hectares of the 200 hectares of four naval bases was done by FD leaders awarded with ranks and duties

The permission to occupy 5.2 ha in Porto Romano for 2 years was made by FD leaders rewarded with ranks and duties. Today, the cases under investigation by SPAK, in the investigation files 198/2021 and 109/2021 only for the properties of the Navy, are six cases:

1) The procedure for concluding the contract on July 15, 2020 for the lease of 1 Euro for 20 years of the Sarande Naval Base to the company "Marina Bay Sarsnda", as a merger of the economic operators Kastrati Group and Concord Investment:

2) The procedure of concluding the concession contract on June 23, 2020 for the tourist port of Limion for 35 years with the company "Marina Limion" as a merger of operators Kastrati Group and Edil-Al-It.

3) Delivery of the Saranda Naval base in February 2022 to the Marina Bay Saranda firm. For this reason, SPAK in March 2023 imposed a preventive seizure on the Saranda Naval Base with the argument that the free ownership of the property by the private sector has affected the operational readiness of the Naval Force and returned the property to the same Navy that handed it over.

4) Allowing and occupation of property no. 219 "Former mine depot" Porto Romano with an area of ??5.2 hectares from October 2021 by the operator Porto MBM, part of the Kastrati Group.

5) Allowing the construction of a 4-story building between November 2020 and March 2021 at the Shengjin Naval Base.

6) Violation of the law, without the approval of the President, for the removal from the plan of the deployment and deployment of the Naval Force of 133 hectares out of 200 hectares of evidence in four naval bases: Shengjin, Kepi i Palit, Pashaliman and Palermo.