STERILIZATION/ The order of the director of the FSDSH doubled the concession bill: Who benefited?

2023-09-02 21:03:35Investigim SHKRUAR NGA ADRIATIK DOçI
Adriatic Doçi

Journalist Adriatik Doçi has published the documents of March 16, 2017, where the former general director of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, Erion Manohasa issues an order to the Hospital Service Directorate and the SaniService company on how the concession contract would be implemented of Sterilization.

In the letter, Manohasa orders textually: " The Saniservice concessionary company will start providing the sterilization service for steam and low-temperature packages at QSUT, initially only in the Maxillofacial Surgery Service, the Vascular Surgery Service and the Plastic Surgery Service . "

This document is an order that has charged a financial bill of millions of euros at the expense of Albanian citizens because it limited free packaging to only three surgical wards.

Doçi has raised several questions: what did Manastirliu do and why did this fact escape Erion Bani? Who is involved with the firm and who has benefited?

The full article of the journalist Adriatik Doçi :

Erion Manohasa's letter that increased the cost of sterilization. 140,000 Lek equipment was used instead of 3,000 Lek tools. What did Manastirliu do and why did this fact escape Erion Bani?!

As with many other issues of high public interest, half-truths are being told and trumpeted about the issue of sterilization, hiding and distorting the truth, apparently for certain interests.

It has been reported about the increase in the cost of the service in an abusive manner.

How has the cost increased?

Who is involved with the firm and who has benefited?

Today I am publishing this letter dated March 16, 2017, signed by Erion Manohasa, at that time the General Director of the Mandatory Health Care Insurance Fund.

Manohasa informs QSUT that the high-end and costly sterilization service should extend beyond operating rooms, covering any ambulatory steam or low-temperature sterilized materials used for wound dressing, dressing changes, incisions light etc.

So, the paperwork consists of using the sterilization service both for an operation in the room and to remove some pen or change a wound, increasing the cost. Specifically, the equipment sets would be used both in and out of operating rooms.

The sterilization contract provided for 5 types of services.
1. Sterilized instruments for interventions with high complexity, worth about 400 thousand Lek per package.

2. Sterilized instruments for interventions with medium complexity at a price of 220 thousand old lek per package.

3. Sterilized instruments for interventions with low complexity worth 140 thousand ALL.

4. Steam packs, for minimal intervention outside the operating rooms, worth about 3 thousand Lek or 3 USD.

5. Low-temperature packages for minimal intervention outside the operating room, worth about 10,000 Lek or 10 USD.

Manoha's order stipulates that level 3 with a cost of 140,000 lek should be used instead of level 4 for minimal intervention at a cost of 3,000 old lek.

Instead of paying $3 per pack, it was $140 per pack because doctors were prohibited from using steam and low-temperature packs by Manohasa's order.

On August 15, 2018, i.e. 18 months later, the new director of the Compulsory Healthcare Insurance Fund, Eduart Ahmeti, rejected Manohasa's letter of March 2017, which increased the cost of the service.

Eduart Ahmeti orders that the equipment sets for the three degrees of complexity (high, medium and low) be used only in the operating rooms, due to the cost. There is no logic that a set worth 140,000 ALL was used, for example, to remove nails or treat a wound.

During the consumption of this abuse, Ogerta Manastirliu was in charge of the Ministry of Health, who put her "head in the sand".

What did Manastirliu do to stop the abuse until Eduart Ahmetaj's order came out?

How much is the bill for this abusive order?

How is it possible that this very important fact has escaped the sharp eye of Erion Bani, now known as Baba Vanga?