ARRSH trusts 29 million euros for the "expansion of the road Elbasan - Qafë Thane" to the company "ANK" that built the Korçë-Ersekë axis!

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ANK- Agim Kola

The Albanian Road Authority has announced the winner of the tender with reference number REF-99894-04-02-2024 and with the object " Extension of the road Elbasan - Qafë Thanë (Phase VII) ", the company AN K of Agim Kola .

The limit fund is set at the value of 2,472,508,964 new alleks without VAT or about 29 million euros including VAT.

ARRSH trusts 29 million euros for the "expansion of the road Elbasan -
The winner of the tender

In the tender announcement documents, we see that two companies have offered lower figures than the winning company.

But ARRSH has chosen as the winner to announce the firm ANK, which became known for the Korçë-Ersekë road, winning the tender with a red flag.

The collapse of the Korçë-Ersekë axis built by the ANK company:

The route of the Korcë-Erseke road, which is under construction, collapsed at noon on February 17, 2024, in the place called 'Qafa e Qarrit - Mollas'. 

The construction site for the new road was opened in 2020 and ARRSH has yet to take it over.

The contract for construction with the winner ANK company owned 100% by Agim Kola, brother of former SP MP Ndue Kola was signed on June 10, 2022. The winner results with a Red Flag on the open procurement portal.

Why is the Elbasan-Qafë Thane project important:

We remind you that the entire project of the Elbasan-Qafë Thane road is expected to be completed in 2027, and will have a significant impact on narrowing the distances with different cities and countries since this axis connects very important areas such as the port of Durres with the border points of Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria.

ARRSH trusts 29 million euros for the "expansion of the road Elbasan -
Elbasan-Qafë Thane project

Part of the project is the construction of a tunnel that will connect Albania with North Macedonia.

The road axis Elbasan - Qafë Thane is part of corridor VIII, and has strategic importance, not only for the country but also for the region.


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