The wolves of the "STAR business center". The shocking story of a mega-scam with two "smart guys" and thousands of victims

2024-05-23 11:33:09Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Wolves of "STAR business center"

"The Wolf of Wall Street" in the cinematic version is a good American story of the president "90. In Albania, in Tirana, the Albanian version of history is an equally limited repetition with almost as refined protagonists.

This is the case of the '90s, Jordan Belfort became the most famous pivot of the American stock market and finance, as a brilliant conman who with a bunch of Wall Street conspirators created a huge office on Long Island by defrauding thousands of unfortunate Americans, in Tirana, two resourceful types brought back the American scheme with the systematic army of deception, but more sophisticated and more to offer or the unbridled American party.

The STAR Business Center appeared as a logo on Addini boulevard in the former building of the "Zëri i Populli" newspaper, now it is a private university with JUSTINIAN representatives.

The university was closed and two resourceful guys, Olsi Ibro and Arben Meskuti (immigrant to the USA from the USA) created the center with a conglomerate of companies with a financial activation for collecting money and property from peasant citizens of rural areas Microcredit services and others then of the multiplied obligations.

The multi-storied center equipped with strict surveillance and analysis of every individual who enters and leaves it, holds within it a chain of interconnected microcredit, law, notary, enforcement, real estate, accounting-finance and collection companies. of obligations or debts.

Micro Credit Albania (MCA), ADCA, ZIG, FLASH, FS, Re/Plus, Re/Max, Final, Consulting Company as a conglomerate of companies created by the Ibro and Meskuti family kept as temporary satellites employees with hundreds of seasonal employees, with dozens of underpaid young men and women, who became the operating gears of the "STAR" scheme.

All companies were directly family controlled by Elda Ibro, Olsi Ibro, Arben Meskuti, Yllka Meskuti, Ernela Cuberi and Indrit Cuberi.

The STAR Business Center became the building of thousands of unfortunate stories where many people from all over Albania entered and left devalued, deceived, stripped of money, dignity and faith that the state works or exists.

MCA bought thousands of small loans of some second-tier banks. Executed the obligations of these loans with the execution of ZIG, FS, FLASH. Defended them in court with ADCA lawyers. He sold the properties he owned with Re/Plus or Re/Max and "scared" the MCA debtors with the debt collectors of the Consulting Company.

The perfect fraud scheme of the Albanian "Wall Street" for 5 years created an exponential increase in the activity of taking ownership of properties, their execution and the money of thousands of citizens or peasants, introducing hundreds of others into forced loans and the increased purchase of second-tier bank loans.

The stories told by dozens of victims of this scheme who lost their homes, lands, jobs, but also destroyed hundreds of families from the seizures of the "STAR Business Center" finally attracted a spark of state attention.

The Ministry of Justice reported the fraud scheme to the prosecutor's office and requested the initiation of criminal prosecution for the crimes of "Fraud", "Abuse of office" and "Empropriation of state title or office" for the entire chain created within the "STAR Business Center".

The data show that the ministry has dismissed 9 bailiffs, 1 notary, 2 lawyers due to the discovery of this scheme.

The criminal investigation of 19 persons involved in this scheme and the discovery of the proportions that have damaged the interests of citizens who fell prey to the fraudulent schemes of the "Wolves of the STAR Business Center" have been requested.

Serious facts and a voluminous material have accompanied a criminal lawsuit, which will require the completion of one of the largest investigations after the one related to the financial crime of the creation and collapse of pyramid schemes in 1997.

From the data of the voluminous file submitted to the prosecutor's office, hundreds of stories that have affected the most vulnerable part of Albanian society for over 5 years will be revealed.

It is estimated that more than 5,000 witnesses, victims of the financial fraud scheme created in the STAR Business Center, will be called. Thousands of properties have been frozen due to this financial investigation.

Thousands of bank accounts remain seized by the gigantic scheme of public foreclosure fraud.

For several years, the banks have been silently watching the victims they sold to the two loan sharks, powerless to help anyone. The list of victims is so long that mass notification of the names, families and companies affected by the fraud is thought to create a public revolt.

Authorities are considering how to quietly disperse a crowd that could number 50,000. Their hope remains that she will be isolated in the prosecutor's office or court.

But the list must be identified by citizens or villagers. They must recognize the truth of their deception. They should also recognize the wolves who introduced them to this scheme. In the USA, its end is known. We have seen it in the movie and read it in the book. In Albania only today is being spoken in full voice, Day for the sun!

*The above article was published in DITA newspaper, in June, 2020!