Drug trafficking investigations and women trafficking convictions force Mentor Mezin to sell "Drymades Beach Resort" to Pjerin Fusha

2024-04-18 12:17:47Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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Bluebay shpk, the company that is making the strategic investment Drymades Beach Resort in Gjilek of Himara, has changed owners. Mentor Mezini, the sole shareholder of this company, has decided to sell the shares to three Albanian companies for 12 million euros. The purchasing companies are Edil Project, Belhaus shpk and Hotel Colosseo. All three buying companies are controlled by family members of businessman Pjerin Fushaj.

The quota sale contract was signed at the end of last year, but with a condition. According to the contract, the three purchasing companies will pay to the account of the seller Mentor Mezini, a price of 12 million euros for the purchase of shares of the company Bluebay shpk, which will be paid in three installments - reports Kapitali.

Drug trafficking investigations and women trafficking convictions force Mentor
Drymades Beach Resort

Of these, 200 thousand euros at the moment of signing the contract, 7.8 million euros until January 31, 2024 and the remaining 4 million euros will be repaid in kind by the end of 2024. The three purchasing companies have undertaken to supply iron in the value of 4 million euros, the other companies owned by Mr. Mezini. Until full payment of the price by the buyer, the Bluebay company quotes will remain blocked in the seller's name.

Strategic Investment

Bluebay shpk was established in December 2019 with sole owner Mentor Mezinin. In July 2021, this company received strategic investor status, assisted procedure, from the Strategic Investment Committee for its Drymades Beach Resort project.

The project envisages the construction of a 5-star hotel with 110 rooms in Gjileka, Himara. The total investment for the construction of the resort is estimated at 6.3 million euros, while the construction and commissioning of this hotel, according to the decision of the Strategic Investment Committee, will employ about 165 people. Drymades Beach Resort is the first strategic investment to change hands after receiving strategic investor status.

A few weeks ago, Vox News reported that Mentor Mezini, known and nicknamed Tor Lushnjari, appeared on Sky Answers as part of the international drug traffic with Eldi Dizdari, Dritan Rexhepi and Ervin Mata.

Drug trafficking investigations and women trafficking convictions force Mentor
The towers of the lake dam

According to our sources, SPAK is verifying Mezin's assets and has secured a conviction for trafficking in women, for which he did not come to Albania until he resolved it.

Currently, Mezini has also sold the construction permit for the towers of the lake dam, where the buyer is the Arlis company.

Today, Mezini is one of the most powerful people who moves money outside the banking system.

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