The 14 businessmen implicated in the "5D" file, why no one mentions their NAMES and who received the "lion's share" of the tenders

2024-04-02 13:49:11Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Besnik Bami, Xhetan Ndregjoni, Rrok Deda, Luan Kapri, Shpëtim Cinga

SPAK has proven that the two former directors of the Municipality of Tirana, Redi Molla and Mariglen Qato, are indirect owners of the 5D company, which has benefited in cooperation with other companies about 30 million euros in public tenders from public institutions, mainly from the director depending on Tirana Municipality, some of which, at different times, were directed by Molla and Qato.

Investigations have also proven that most of the tenders were won irregularly, with pre-arrangement and tricks, as tenders are generally dictated in Albania, dividing 15-30% of the tender value.

But there are some essential facts that are hidden from the public, and this could perhaps be a reason for this file to be closed, to satisfy all parties and not to stir up nervous threads.

Of the approximately 30 million euro tenders that 5D received, only 88 million lek of tenders were received by 5D alone, a modest amount in relation to the total value of the tenders.

The large tenders, 5D, even because it had no capacity, won them in cooperation with over 15 other construction companies, which took the 'lion's share', also because they undertook to carry out most of the work of works as large and consolidated companies.

But what are these companies and who is behind them?

In the tender documents, the company Fusha shpk of the oligarch Shkëlqim Fusha, the company 4 AM with the owner on paper Ardit Metalia, behind which is believed to be the oligarch Bashkim Ulaj, as well as the company Sterkaj shpk owned by Lulzim Sterkaj, the cousin of MP Paulin Sterkaj, appear.

The Meteo company of Eral Myftaj, part of the tender cartel, but also of the forest mafia, also appears on the scene. Mytarja is also known as the 'hamster' of the forests of Librazhdi.

In cooperation with the 5D firm, the Ed Konstruksion company with the main owner Alfred Ibrahimi, the Kola Invest company of the duo Jani and Sofokli Kola, the Bami shpk company with the owner Besnik Bami, as well as the 'tender wolves' companies Vasil Jovani, Nuri Balla, Shpëtim have received tenders. Cinga, Luan Kapri, Hamz Ismailaj, etc.

In the SPAK file, it is stated that the 5D company received tenders in an irregular and predetermined manner, investing part of the money in real estate, including in a hotel in Durrës.

But, this proven finding is not the complete truth. And a half truth beats a lie.

The truth is that the tenders were obtained in cooperation and that 5D, in some large tenders, has a secondary role.

- If 5D obtained the tenders illegally, are the other 15 companies with which 5D received the tenders also criminally responsible?

- Are these companies reflected in SPAK's investigations?

- How have these companies implemented public contracts?

Companies that have received tenders in cooperation with 5D

Fusha shpk, Shkëlqim Fusha
Bami shpk, owner Besnik Bami
4 AM, owner Ardit Metalia
Sterkaj, owner Lulzim Sterkaj
Meteo, owner Eral Myftajt
Beis, owner Hamz Ismailaj
Rej, owner Luan Kapri
Ed Konstruksion, owner Alfred Ibrahimi Kola Invest , Jani and Sofokli Kola
Kronos Konstruksion, Vasil Jovani
Senka, owners Donila and Ylli Senka
Ergi, with owner Nuri Balla
Ndregjoniz with owner Xhetan Ndregjoni,
Rroku Guest, Rrok Deda
Shansi Invest, owner Shpëtim Cinga/Prapaskena