SPAK quietly 'corrected' the error in Vangjush Dako's file

2024-02-27 20:20:45Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Vangjush Dako and SPAK building

The Special Court gave SPAK 25 days to submit to it an assessment by a group of experts for the alleged damage of 18 million lek on the Durrës promenade.

According to the order of the court, SPAK had to agree with an expert engineer and another economist, who would evaluate how the damage of 18 million lek was caused to the state budget, if there was such damage.

The court asks for the formula of how it was concluded that the state budget was damaged during the procurement and if the observations of the auditors were not considered, what were the reasons. Vangjush Dako is accused of embezzlement for the promenade project, otherwise known as "Promenade" and for the construction of a palace, and together with him, 10 others are awaiting trial.

However, 25 days was not enough time and in this Tuesday's session SPAK appeared empty-handed. The court, on the other hand, evaluated the exceeding of the detention terms for Vangjush Dako and changed the security measure from prison arrest to house arrest.

Vangjush Dako was arrested with fanfare in June last year. SPAK did not immediately confirm the accusations, but a few days later it was learned that he had been accused of abuse of office in two cases. In other words, the mountain became pregnant and a mouse was born!

For this charge, Vangjush Dako spent 9 months in detention, while his requests for a lighter security measure were rejected one after the other. Today, time proved that even in this case, the security measure requested by SPAK was not proportional to the charges raised and the dangerousness of the person.

This is probably also the reason why SPAK corrected silently, not opposing the relaxation of the security measure. Dako is one of the cases where special prosecutors ignore the recommendations of the Helsinki Committee to apply lighter security measures to people facing charges that are not punishable by more than 4 years in prison and do not pose a danger to society, or to escaped.

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