Will the ban come into effect in December? Answers by the Deputy Minister of Energy

2022-11-23 22:45:39Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilir Bejtja

Ilir Bejtja, Deputy Minister of Energy, declared tonight that on December 1, the 800 electricity package will not come into effect.

"The ban will come into force only if we are in deepened import conditions. Deep import is over 40% with very high prices. Soon, at the end of January, the TEC in Vlora will be put into operation, with 100 mega. If we continue with the same rainfall situation, the situation is no longer optimal and we have no reason to apply the 800 bandage", stated Bejtja in "A2 Business"

"This bandage has an educational character. On December 1, bandages will not come into effect" , added the deputy minister.