KESH sells 8,040 MWh of energy, the price three times lower than that on the Stock Exchange

2022-11-21 13:51:52Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The numerous rains have reversed the situation of a week ago when Albania was almost totally in the hands of imports as far as energy supply is concerned.

Today, the Albanian Electric Corporation is not only not buying, but has started the procedures of selling surpluses produced on the one hand, but also water discharges from the cascade due to extreme flows.

As imports have reached alarming levels this year, amounting to about 430 million euros by November 20, the increase in production and the start of sales in the free market are assumed to be able to amortize the almost annual loss that has gone to imports.

But the first data from the sale procedure in the free market show that KESH has managed to sell at a very low price in relation to what it bought itself earlier but also in relation to the stock market today.

Thus, KESH sold 8040 MWh of energy divided into three lots, where most of the energy was sold at a price of 73.19, while the other two lots were sold at a weighted price of 101.88 euros/Mh and 100.75 MWh. The weighted average price for the entire procedure by weight results in 82.36 euros MWh.

price is three times lower than the current price of one MWh of energy on the Hungarian Stock Exchange where the base is 248 euros/MWH while the peak is 313 euros/MWh. For November 22, the price on the stock exchange today is 217 euros per MWh with a decrease of about 13 percent compared to the day before and at the peak this price is 268 euros/MWh.

Meanwhile, KESH announced that it is currently monitoring the water situation in the country and that the lake levels were respectively 271.42 meters for Fierza, 173.62 meters for Komani and 75.4 meters for Vau e Dejës.

The water situation has significantly improved in the cascade as a result of numerous rains which have brought numerous flows and some of them are being discharged to keep the cascade at optimal levels.