How Donald Trump fell into the Democrats' trap...

2022-11-11 19:11:36Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ENVER ROBELLI
Donald Trump

Joe Biden's Democratic Party has invested $19 million in supporting the most extreme Republican candidates during their nomination by the Republican Party for Congressional elections. This is shown by a "Washington Post" research. It sounds absurd, and it appears to have been key to the Democratic Party's success in avoiding a deep defeat in Tuesday's election.

The Democrats' strategy was this: in the Republican primary, support the candidates who deny the election, the candidates who are gun nuts, the candidates who lie the most. In the elections within the Republican Party (primaries), the Democrats supported 13 radical Republican candidates with money. Such people, this was the calculation of the Democrats, will hardly be voted in by the moderate Republicans.

The German newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" describes the case of the Republican candidate Dan Bolduc from New Hampshire, who was supported by the Democrats during the Republican internal elections. Bolduc was Trump's running mate. Bolduc had called the Democrats "a bunch of liberal, socialist homosexuals." He called the 2020 presidential election stolen. Vaccination against Corona was considered Bill Gates' attempt to implant people with a microchip.

Dan Bolduc has long served in the US Army, so Trump praised him as a "tough guy". Trump probably did not know that Bolduc was supported by Democrats, so he was a kind of Trojan Horse. Republican Senate candidate Dan Bolduc didn't stand a chance in New Hampshire on Tuesday. Democratic candidate Maggie Hassan won.

In August, some politicians of the Democratic Party asked to abandon this "immoral" method. But they did not succeed. Six Republican candidates backed by Democrats ran for office on Tuesday. And everyone lost. This is also how politics sometimes works in the US, especially when a politician as polarizing as Donald Trump enters the arena.