Scandal in Lezha/Sisters with mental problems are sexually abused: They gave birth to three more children

2022-12-07 13:26:26Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Left to the mercy of fate, three sisters with mental health problems in Lezha have been systematically sexually abused for more than 6 years.

Their story begins in 2016, when they were removed from a social center for people with disabilities, with the argument that they were of legal age for treatment at that center.

Since then, the three sisters, aged 38, 40 and 42, see them every hour of the day in the city and are abused by different people, and have even given birth to children.

One of the sisters has given birth to 2 children and is again in the 7th month of pregnancy and the other 1 child, who have been sent to an orphanage in Elbasan.

What does the mother say?

The girls' mother, who also has mental health issues, says her children are being abused by different people in exchange for money.

"They go with boys and men, even older ones, for 100-200 ALL. Before, they used to come to the house, but now they go to other places. They are not only from Lezha. One of the girls gave birth to two children, a 4-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy, but they were sent to an orphanage. Now I have a 7-month-old pregnant daughter again," says the mother.

Appeal to women

The uncle of the abused girls has filed a complaint with the Police, while he asks for a solution to be found in order to remove them from the street.

"The three girls left the center in 2016, after reaching adulthood. No one has taken their custody. The center returned them to the street, after they left there. When they came to the family, the first abuse happened with the second daughter. They didn't show, but we found out when she got pregnant. I asked to stop the pregnancy, but no action was taken. A person over 70 years old abused one of the girls. This video has gone viral on social media. He was sentenced to 3.4 years in prison. I went to the police several times, but they told me: "We have other problems, other crimes," says the uncle.

Institutions have no choice

The responsible institutions such as the State Social Service and the Lezhë Municipality are aware of this scandal, but in these 6 years they have failed to provide a solution, while continuously passing the "ball" to each other.

Victims of sexual abuse, the three sisters were left without legal custody, while in 6 years of abuse, only one 75-year-old was sentenced.

In 2019, the elderly man was sentenced by the Court of Lezha to 3.4 years of imprisonment for the criminal offense "Sexual relations with persons unable to defend themselves". Everything was revealed by a video on social networks, where the old man was abusing the girl behind a store, while the other cases of abuse have not been resolved.