The Albanian from Shkodra was killed by the "Skaljar" clan he belonged to? Kurir: Mustafa was a witness to 11 CRIMES, he could not escape the mafia!

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Edmond Mustafa

Dino Ibrahimovic , the suspect for the murder of the Albanian, Edmond Mustafa , was arrested immediately after committing the crime in Tivar.

Accordingly, Mustafa has said for years that he knows which of his clan members is responsible for 11 murders, so investigators are working to determine if that's why he was shot.

It is suspected that the members of the criminal clan, " Skaljar ", killed Edmond Mustafa yesterday to prevent him from speaking to the investigators about their joint criminal actions, in which he is suspected to have participated, writes Vijesti.

We recall that Mustafa was killed around 9 am in Tivar, when an executioner approached him from behind and fired dozens of shots at him from an automatic machine gun.

Mustafa was left dead on the spot and the killer escaped on an electric scooter and was later identified and soon arrested.

Sky ECC app interceptions:

At the head of the clan, of which Mustafa was a part for almost a decade, was Alan Kozar , who was liquidated in the summer of 2020.

Many claimed that Mustafa then changed his shirt and this is best proven by the transcripts of numerous messages and photos from the Sky app, in which the arrested and the escaped policeman say that Mustafa is under their control.

Police officers Petar Lazovi?, Ljubo Milovi? and Ivan Stamatovi? informed the alleged head of the Kava?ka clan, Radoj Zvicer , about this, with the promise that Mustafa would accuse the then absolute leader of the Shkaljars, Jovan Vukoti?, of more murders.

However, the police officers who are working on the case that shook Montenegro yesterday, claim that a member of the same criminal group is behind the shooting.

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