SHOCKING VIEW/ VIDEO of the tragic accident in Bërxulë where the 10-year-old lost his life is released

2023-06-05 13:20:35Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

There is a video of the tragic accident in Bërxulë , where a 10-year-old lost his life while he was in his father 's bar.

As can be seen from the footage, the car comes at a hellish speed and crashes into the bar with another vehicle.

It is learned that the child was staying in the family's bar, while the relatives witnessed the serious event.

The police have handcuffed the two drivers who caused the fatal accident, while according to the first data, one of them was drunk.

Video published by Report :

The serious incident happened around 19:00 on Saturday, at the intersection of Laknas, where the bar where the 10-year-old was sitting is located on the side of the road.

According to the information, it was learned that the two cars collided first, then as a result of the speed, one ended up in the bar, where it hit the minor to death.

The two drivers, Erjon Hajdini, 30, and Naim Allmeta, 63, have undergone preliminary medical examinations. From the analysis, it was found that the 63-year-old Allmeta was driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, which is suspected to be the cause of the incident. 

The expertise will also be carried out for the two vehicles to see their technical condition as well as the speed at which they were moving. In the place where the accident happened, residents say that there is no signage and this could be one of the reasons for the accidents.