"In the envelope I thought it was chocolate", the journalist reveals details of the arrest of the senior Health official

2023-06-05 22:13:37Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Joana Duro

Journalist Anila Hoxha revealed details of the arrest of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Joana Duro, in Top Story today.

Hoxha said that the arrested fell into SPAK's net after an interception for another case, as he showed the dynamics of how the envelope with the bribe was caught in the secretary's office.

The journalist added that only the engineer of the company that won the tender with Vladimir Topi, who was going to give the envelope with the money to Duro through her friend, appeared in the wiretapping. The arrested secretary testified that she was not aware that the envelope contained money, but thought it was chocolate.

"Four suspects are a separate part that is continuing on an account of another case. During these investigative actions, the prosecutors find a communication from Vladimir Topi that on the 1st he frequents his communications, immediately after he is listed as a winner to pay "for this honor". The communication is between Vladimir and the engineer. He pays the amount of money to Shehi and gives it to the general secretary's friend, Laureta. He gave the envelope in question after several cancellations of meetings between the two officials.

Duro does not appear in that intercept, those who appear are the administrator and the engineer how to make payments. After the check was carried out under flagrante conditions, the agents had mercy and found that the amount left in the envelope was fixed. Duro said that he had no idea, but he had told him in the envelope that it was something sweet, and he had remembered that it was a chocolate. Her lawyer has asked for a lighter measure. I hope that the next investigation into a tender has not been debunked", said journalist Hoxha.