"We had severed all contact with him after the murder in England", the shocking claim of the Lleshi family: The dead body does not belong to Arbeni

2024-02-28 23:04:04Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Arben Lleshi

The story begins on April 10, 2012 in Great Britain, in the city of Southampton. That day, the local police found the burnt body of the victim Agim Hoxha, from the village of Shtjefën i Matit, inside his Mercedes vehicle. 

He had been killed elsewhere and the perpetrators had burned the body to lose track. The local police identified Arben Lleshi from the village of Rrokaj i Matit as the perpetrator of the crime. In the past, Lleshi and Hoxha had been friends. According to British media reports, it is believed that the conflict started after a dispute over the trading of a quantity of cocaine. An activity in which the victim and the perpetrator of the crime had collaborated since 2006.

After the murder in Britain, the Lleshi family distanced itself from Arben and cut off all contact with him. His sister confirms this in a phone interview with Inside Story.

"At the age of 15, Arbeni emigrated to England with the help of a friend of our family. There he was handed over to an English family where he stayed for many years under their care. In 2012, he called us and told us that he had received the documents. In April 2012, he came to Albania. He stayed only 10 days. We knew nothing of what had happened in England. And he left for England and saw in the news that he had been arrested by Interpol in Italy. After that, investigations started in England regarding this event. According to the media and news, he was found guilty by the British court, but he has always denied the murder he was accused of".

In the ongoing debate, Arbeni had hit Hoxha with hard objects and burned the dead body somewhere else to eliminate traces. In the end, he was sentenced to 32 years in prison. In 2016, he was deported to Albania to serve his sentence in his homeland. First in Fushë-Kruja prison and finally in Peqin where he was executed.

"After a period he was extradited to Albania where we again knew nothing about his arrival in Albania. We took the decision because of this serious event that had happened to never meet him".

The shocking claim of the Lleshi family: Arbeni had no...

Arben Lleshi, is the last victim of his family in the series that is allegedly related to revenge. 4 dead and 1 missing is the tragic balance with the elimination of Arben, who was considered the cause of the bloodshed.

According to the information, even two months after the serious crime, the family members of Lleshi have not agreed to withdraw the dead body found in the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

"On December 15, we found out through the media that he was killed in prison. That same day, at 8 o'clock in the evening, we were contacted by the prison that Arbeni's body was in the Tirana morgue and that we should appear at the Tirana morgue. And on the 5th day we went to the morgue to give the confirmation for the state burial and the employee told us to confirm the corpse and then she said you know the cause of Arben's death that he died of cancer. And we told him no, he was killed in prison."

We have learned that the family has raised doubts that the dead body does not belong to Arben Lleshi. At this point, the Prosecutor's Office has ordered the performance of a comparative DNA expertise. A scientific proof that will convince the family beyond any reasonable doubt. Also, it is expected that the family members will once again do the physical identification. 

"And when we saw the corpse, he had no resemblance to Arbeni, and there was no bullet in the body, and Arbeni has had a mark on his face since childhood. As family members, we have not even given a DNA analysis or anything and we have not asked for anything from the state, you can bury him whenever you want, but it is not his body".