"His phone was taken, he saw a video with his girlfriend", Alma Arraz's brother tells the last conversation with his sister!

2024-05-08 12:55:40Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Alma Arrazi

Shkëlzen Bushat , the brother of Alma Arrazi , was in a direct connection to News 24 , where he gave details about the serious event in Shkodër, where the 39-year-old woman drowned herself in the waters of the Buna River together with her three children. her.

He has shown details regarding the conflicts between the couple, the end of which concluded in a tragedy.

" The last time I spoke with Alma was on the 1st, when she wished me something and I didn't speak again. I asked him how are you, how are things going, that's all. I found out that he had an affair, we knew it and that's why the sister argued. 

He stayed with us for a while, he communicated with his husband again because he said he wants to stay with you. She returned but he started again, the brother-in-law cheated on his sister with the same girl.

I don't know him myself, I don't know if his sister knew him. He had simply told me that he suspected a girl, his sister got hold of his phone, there was also a video of it.

"Alma and Erdgysi have been married for 10-12 years, they fell in love, not with a stranger ," he said./ BW