Artan Hoxha: Vis Martinaj plans to set up a media group in Albania, he also chose the director who is attacking him today

2024-05-22 22:49:55Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervis Martinaj

Journalist Artan Hoxha showed for the first time in the show 'Albania' by Rudina Xhunga how Ervis Martinaj tried to set up a media group that would operate in Albania and Kosovo, after the 2018 World Championship. The journalist discovers that Martinaj had targeted the person who would make the director of the media group.

"Ervis Martinaj dressed up the crime with a bow tie and collar. It was the 2018 World Cup in May and June and it was the main sponsor in all media in Albania. They went to beg the media for advertisements.

He tried and became a shareholder in several media outlets in the country. Invested in building or opening portals. In financing information media, he financed them directly and used them against opponents, but also against the state to put pressure on them. If it were today, he would use this power. In the end, after the world championship, his idea was to build a media group that would be operational, that would work in Albania and Kosovo.

I also know the people he contacted and they were important people. It was decided that so-and-so will be the director. Today that man attacks Martinaj the most of all. He was increasing his potential to this point.

The mistake he made was that he had an obsession with the hosts, the moderators, he wanted to catch the girlfriends of his opponents, he lured them with money" , said the journalist on DritareTV.