The evil scenario of the Duka clan for the murder of Vis Martinaj, who are the girls who were used as bait by the "king of gambling"

2024-05-22 20:57:56Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The devilish scenario of the Duka clan for the murder of Vis Martinaj

The show 'Në Shënjestër' by journalist Klodiana Lala on News24 this evening covered the latest file of SPAK, where many details about connections, clashes, alliances and murder scenarios between criminal groups or gangs are revealed. The following material sheds light on the details of the murder plans that Vis Martinaj hatched for the Duka brothers, but also for the latter to eliminate the "king of gambling". Who are the girls who would be used as bait and who hides behind the nicknames 'Boli' and 'Olsi'


The Duka brothers pursue Martinaj and seek not only his head, but also that of one of the members of his criminal group, Erigers Mihas.

Investigation File

Leonard Duka and Ervis Martinaj have been friends with each other for about 15 years and have collaborated with the aim of business development in the field of gambling as well as in the administration of businesses of this type, hotels, bars in the area of ??the former Block and others of Tirana.

In the same way, these two citizens have also cooperated with the purpose of developing the illegal activity of narcotics trafficking for the purpose of profit.

But it seems that this friendship ended after the violence that Santiago Malko, Ervis Martinaj's friend, did to Leonard Duke's father.

The duke apparently did not forgive Malko, this humiliation.

But he organized his murder, which did not take long.

Investigation File

The conflict between Duka and Martinaj started because of a debate that Leonard Duka had with Santiago Malko, the citizen killed on August 27, 2019 in Tirana.

Which turns out to have violated Leonard's father, citizen Muhamed Duka.

Santiago Malko, who was allegedly involved in illegal activities in the field of drug trafficking and crimes against life, was a close relation of Ervis Martinaj and Erigers Mihas.

Right after the murder of Santiago Malko, Ervis Martinaj makes responsible for the execution of his friend Leonard Duka and his connections.

From where Martinaj begins to invest to kill the brothers Leonard and Erlis Duka and their social connections.

Meanwhile, from the other side, these people are invested in killing Ervis Martinaj, Erigers Mihas and their acquaintances.

Investigation File

From the analysis of the communications, it appears that Fatmir Hyseni appears as a person with experience in the field of crimes against life and is constantly engaged in locating and killing Ervis Martinaj and his connections.

On July 10, 2020, Leonard Duka provided information that Ervis Martinaj could be on the beach with a woman in Dhërmi at a place known as 'Vin Bakalli'.

For this reason, Fatmir Hysenin has announced.

And the latter has sent a person addressed as 'nephew' to verify this information.

But while Ervis Martinaj was preparing to trap Leonard Duka, the latter learns about his opponent's plan.

And he organizes to take by surprise what was until yesterday his friend. But from now on he was the most sworn enemy.

Investigation File

In the time period starting on August 1, 2020 and continuing, Leonard Duka has provided information that Ervis Martinaj has engaged several women with the intention of bringing them closer to him so that they can ambush him.

For this reason, Leonard Duka informs Fatmir Hysen, who commits to planning the murder of the people who would approach to kill Leonard.

All the members of the group led by Leonard Duka participated in this plan, where the latter would play the role of 'bait' who would meet these women in a place where the terrain is well known by himself and his connections. his.

But the girls from Shkodra did not come to the meeting, and so the plan seems to have failed.

Meanwhile, Leonard Duka's group learned that the person who would trap them was Erigers Mihasi.

He was also killed in an assassination attempt in Tirana, some time later.

Investigation File

Leonard Duka and his associates have suspected that the organizer of the meeting with the girls that day would be Erigers Mihasi, known by the nickname 'Boli' and another person who is suspected to be a police officer called 'Olci'.

On August 12, 2020, Leonard Duka contacted the women with whom he would organize the meeting, but they were not available to meet on this date because one was in Shkodër, while the other had commitments.