Photos of "Mir t Poja" and Aldo Avdylaj are revealed for the first time

2024-05-22 21:06:06Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Criminal groups

The photos of Fatmir Troplini, otherwise known as "Miri i Pojë" and Aldo Avdyli, were published in the "Shënjestër" show of journalist Klodiana Lala on Neës24.

Both characters appear in the transcripts of the SKY application that has led to a wide-ranging SPAK operation, ordering the arrest of at least 50 characters, known and unknown names, individuals with political weight, but who are part of the plans to kill their opponents.

The name of "Mir of Poja" appears in the file that sheds light on the alliances created with the groups of Rrëshen.

Photos of "Mir t Poja" and Aldo Avdylaj are revealed for the first
Fatmir Troplini

Investigation File

From August 12-14, 2020, Elson Reçi contacted Arben Mürkurin to secure a person to commit murder against payment in the city of Tirana.

And for this fact it is known that Arben Merkuri has spoken with Fatmir Troplini.

Nuredin Dumani did not give a price in the first moments, as he wanted to know the place where the crime would be committed and the target.

Citizen Fatmir Troplini established contact between Arben Merkuri and Nuredin Duman in order to send Duman's connection to the place where Preng Gjini was the target.

Nuredin Dumani has refused to give a price for committing the murder without seeing the place and knowing the target.

Arben Merkuri has informed the citizen Elson Reçi about the negotiations he is conducting and Elson wants to know the price they demand in exchange for the murder, but at the same time he asks him not to tell him the target.

On August 14, 2020, Nuredin Dumani contacts the citizen Arben Merkuri and sends a person to go to see the place where the murder will be carried out.

Another character is Aldo Avdyli, who appears in the SPAK file as part of the alliance called by Arben Ndoka, for the murder of Durim Bami.

Photos of "Mir t Poja" and Aldo Avdylaj are revealed for the first
Aldo Avdyli

SPAK accuses Aldo Avdyli, alias Elidon Avdyli, of "providing the conditions and material means to commit murder", to the detriment of the citizen Durim Bami".