Drugs and paid murder, ex-deputies and ex-police chiefs connected to the criminal groups that would commit the murders!

2024-05-20 15:11:56Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

At the same time when 1 million euros were offered for Durim Bami's life, Durim Bami not only escaped assassinations by moving around with high security measures, but also the police.

For the latter, the prisoners said that if they killed him, the police would celebrate. But on the other hand, SPAK's investigative file, which is based on hundreds of communications through applications, shows that for Bam, his king was not a coincidence, but the strong connections he had, one of which is with RENEA officers.

One of the collaborators of the much wanted ex-MP Arben Ndoka who wanted to kill him to put the murder of his brother Aleksandri in place, according to SPAK, was a special officer identified as Altin Morina.

Morina tells Bami that she had written to him 100 times, after the special forces had informed her that they would go to his friend.

And as the eavesdropping had started on him, Bami was signaled that he should not speak and for this information they should give a coffee to the chief of police station number two who is described as the most trusted man of the general director.

Referring to the verifications carried out, it results that in the time period when the communications were carried out, the general director of the police is the citizen Ardi Veliu, it is stated in the file.

Among the missing measures are those of former MP Arben Ndoka and his nephew, but also Xelal Rraja and the third measure for Ervis Martinaj.

The file also mentions the name of the former director of Lezha, Henerigert Mitri, suspected of being involved in criminal groups to plant drugs, while Klodian Shahini, as the head of anti-trafficking, is suspected of helping with information during the plans of Kastriot Reçi's nephew for killed Preng Gjinin.

During the last two days, the court has evaluated the measures, most recently those against Emiliano Shullazi, who appeared from prison talking to Enchro during the plans to kill Durim Bami. The other measures were those against Besjan Xixhe, Enver Diva, Gjegj Cukali and Albert Zaja, also those planning the murder of Preng Gjinti, Elvis Gacaj and Altin Gege.

All of them are in prisons and for other files. SPAK officially announced that during the investigations against 50 suspects, it revealed dozens of other events, as well as blocked almost 3 million euros.