'I'm sorry', Eduart Danaj shows remorse for killing his wife, the Court leaves him in prison

2024-05-20 14:29:35Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Eduart Danaj appeared before the court in Greece today, where he apologized for the knife massacre of his wife, Enkelejda Danaj. The 50-year-old killed the mother of his two children with a knife, while the serious incident took place in Menidi.

The defendant has apologized to the investigator for the crime he is said to have committed in a calm state of mind, illegal possession of weapons and use of weapons.

The information says that during the apology, he admitted the crime and stated that he was sorry for his action. The court sentenced him to prison, while Enkelejda Danaj was buried on Saturday in her birthplace in Vlora.

But what was the story of Enkelejda Limaj?

She was born in Vlora and grew up in the coastal city where she met the love of her life, the man who ended up taking her life. When Enkelejda was only 17 years old, she married Eduarti and they both moved to live in Greece, where they had two children.

Relatives of the victim confessed that the couple had a problem for years, but they never thought it would end like this.

"They lived abroad, their problems were removed by their family, their father and mother. They had problems, as they say, but he sacrificed for the sake of the children, he even gave his life", said one of them.

"Situation worse than this has nowhere to go. They have been living abroad for years, we have a friend, a colleague, I know that at the time he was connected to him. He made documents, took him there. This happened,"  said another.

Enkelejda was stabbed more than 10 times by her husband Eduart Danaj, who left leaving the woman's body covered in blood on the street.

Eduart Danaj admitted to the police that he knew the route of the 40-year-old woman and observed her in order to ambush her. The video published by the Greek media also showed the moment when Eduart Danaj appeared in front of his wife Enkelejda Danaj and when she saw him, she stopped on the street. The 50-year-old man then approaches her and starts stabbing her repeatedly more than 10 times. In the end he leaves the knife stuck in her dead body and leaves the scene.