Sylvinho ignites the hopes of the Albanians: I want to take this team to the World Cup

2023-11-29 13:15:03Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Albania's success continues to echo in the international media. Coach Sylvinho is the most wanted to discover a little more about the journey of the Albanian National Team in Euro2024. Recently, the Brazilian technician was interviewed by "cronache di spogliatoio".

The coach says that his objective is to send Albania to the World Cup after "Euro 2024", and reveals Mancini's congratulations after the success that the Brazilian achieved.

"At the last whistle of the referee against Moldova, I exploded. I let out all the anxiety and joy of 10 months of work. I ran to celebrate with the people the qualification for the European Championship", says Silvinjo first.

Asked when he heard about Albania for the first time, the coach says that it was from Rei Manaj: "I knew the existence of Albania only through Rei Manaj, who I coached at Inter. I knew nothing more. Then I arrived there and I saw that all the people speak Italian, they know him, they speak English, Spanish. It is important for a coach to speak without an interpreter", were the words of Silvinho.

BRAZIL-ALBANIA- The 49-year-old coach says that there is a similarity between Albanians and Brazilians and this has been noticed by himself: "Albanians are warm and hospitable people, like us Brazilians. They made me feel at home, from the beginning when I arrived: they offered me coffee and dinner everywhere", says the coach of Albania.

SUPPORT – Albania got a very important draw in Prague, where Bajram's goal was like a turning point for this qualification. The atmosphere in the stadium according to Silvinho was extraordinary, when many Albanians made him feel like he was playing at home: "We had an extraordinary support in Prague, against the Czech Republic. It seemed to me that I used to play at home. It was full of Albanians", says Silvinjo about the feelings of that transfer.

MANCINI CONGRATULATIONS- The Brazilian coach reveals the congratulations he received after the success: "After the qualification, Mancini wrote to me and sent me his compliments. He trained me and then I was his assistant at Inter. He is a winner, Inter, City and the National team. Wherever he has led, he has taken the team to a very high level," he says.

AFTER "EURO 2024" - "Qualification should not be enough for Albania. It should not go to the European and then disappear. I want to create a mentality that in every European and World Cup, Albania qualifies. This is my objective after the European. I want to send Albania to the World Cup in 2026. This should be just the beginning", concludes the coach.