Optimistic bro, speaks a few days before Euro24 departure: We'll get through the group

2024-05-25 16:38:41Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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Two days after the unveiling of the 26-man list that national team coach Sylvinho will publish for the european gathering, some of the Albanian national team's players have landed, Asani, Gjasula, Mihaj and Armando Broja, slowly revealing the names of those who have gone inviting.

Among the most talked about Albanian national team Armando Broja, who has spent a year and a half very difficult between the injury that kept him out a year and the lack of minutes at Fulham where he moved in January this year, we find him in the National Arena, to follow the small final for the third and fourth place between Vllaznia and Skanderbeg.

"I'm here to take a break... "It's great to have no football outside of England," broja said. This one that was just ended has been a very difficult year for him, from January to May for the Albanian striker he has not had a full 90 minutes at Chelsea in the first days of the year and much less at Fulham.

"It could have gone even better, but that's how football is, let's see next season now, ishallah is doing better," he said. We have a very important national team now than you have been in the last six months. "Yes, normally, this is a big thing and we'll see if the coach will take me, it will be something very big and I will give the maximum. "If I choose the coach, it will be a big thing for me, for my family and ish allah is going well," he said.

The bro can also be simply called the guest of this European, with no contribution to qualifying matches due to injury, however, a talent like him cannot be left out. "The coach has done something very good, the team is very strong and this qualification has had players and a very good group," broja said.

As far as the European finals are concerned, where we will have very strong opponents like Italy, Spain and Croatia, Armando Broja is aiming very high. "The group is very good, the coach and the staff are very good, the matches are really important, but ishallah will manage to get through the group and it will be a very big thing for both the team and Albania," he said.

His future is still in limbo, with Chelsea hardly staying in the next edition, as the club has put him up for sale and the current situation with very few minutes played, he does not favour. "I don't know, I have a contract with Chelsea. Do you have a plan to move from England? I don't know yet... I don't know," he stressed. /Top Channel