Rama proposes a solution to the conflict in the Middle East: A future for Gaza without Hamas!

2023-11-21 14:38:27Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edi Rama

Edi Rama 's full post :

" In two separate friendly and frank conversations with the ambassadors of the Arab League and Israel in Albania, I shared my opinion and concerns as follows: On October 7, Albania stood firmly behind Israel against Hamas. And we continue to do so. Israel has the indisputable right to defend itself and the horrific crimes of Hamas cannot be forgotten or relativized and must not go unpunished.

However, as a peace-loving multi-religious country, Albania is very concerned about the protracted conflict in Gaza. We are concerned by the destruction, civilian casualties and suffering. We have no doubt. Hamas is an agent of chaos, a pawn in the hands of bad players with ambitions far beyond Gaza.

They seek to destroy any chance of reconciliation and regional peace by undermining regimes in the Middle East. They seek to antagonize relations between Europe and the Middle East to the point of no return, pushing the tipping point of a clash of civilizations. They seek to discredit democracy and much more.

And I fear that prolonging the civilian suffering of the Palestinian and Israeli people only fuels these evil ambitions. On November 6, four days before the 2023 Paris Peace Forum, I presented the idea that a multinational coalition of the Arab League and Turkey with a UN mandate could temporarily take control of Gaza, facilitating the necessary reconstruction and transition of responsibilities. governing. from Hamas to the Palestinian Authority.

We must not allow the current narrative to continue in which Palestinians in Gaza have only two choices: Hamas or Israel. The international community must step up and create a third choice: a future for Gaza without Hamas and Israeli troops. After the terrible crimes that Hamas committed on October 7, there can be no political future for Hamas. I fear that the only way to convince Israel to stop its operations and withdraw from Gaza is by offering strong assurances that Hamas is off the board.

For the sake of peace, Israel and neighboring Arab countries must work together and share responsibility for peace. I'm afraid there is a minimal way out, and an immediate ceasefire for the unconditional release of hostages seems to me an inevitable starting point.

Although we are currently in the UN Security Council, as a small country, Albania is fully aware of its limitations in the international arena. However, all actors must share the burden of building sustainable peace regardless of power, size or importance. This commitment is a necessity for all of us and Albania will not hesitate to do its part ", writes Rama on Twitter.