The appeal left the security measure unchanged, Berisha: No innovation!

2023-11-21 13:36:15Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sali Berisha

The head of Reestablishment, Sali Berisha, commented in a conference with journalists on Tuesday afternoon, the decision taken by Apeli for him and his son-in-law Jamarbër Malltezi, in the investigations for the "Partizani" file.

There is no novelty in the decisions that prove the complete and total control of the justice system. Its transformation into an executive branch, from a narco-dictatorship. Corruption is done even by enforcing the law.

I have nothing to do with decisions that violate the Constitution. Yes, I said it, send the request to the parliament, and I vote for it. My vote is for Sali Berisha to appear for questioning.

The Special Court of Appeal for Corruption and Organized Crime upheld the security measure for the former prime minister, while the security measure for his son-in-law, Jamarbër Malltez, was eased, from "prison arrest" to "house arrest".

However, for Berisha, there is no innovation in these decisions, but it only proves, as he said, the total control of justice by the government.

Based on the security measure assigned to him, the head of the DP Reestablishment Group will have to appear twice a month in front of the judicial police, and yet he hinted that he will not respect "any measure that is set in opposition with the Constitution."