From Linda Rama, to Balluku, Balla, Tigri, Meta and Basha, the interview of Irfan Hysenbelli that revealed many scenes

2022-12-04 20:49:26Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
In the photo: Edi Rama, Irfan Hysenbelliu, Arben Ahmetaj, Taulant Balla, Behgjet Pacolli and Mentor Nazarko

The multi-storey building in the center of the tourist complex 'Prestigj Resort' owned by businessman Irfan Hysenbelliu, collapsed this afternoon through an explosion controlled by the National Inspectorate of Territory Protection.

After the collapse of the building, the entrepreneur Irfan HysenBelliu, who also controls several media outlets in the country such as Gazeta Panorama and Gazeta Shqiptare, News 24 television and the Balkanweb portal, broke the silence by confessing on his News24 television, his truth, how the relationship his close relationship with Edi Rama turned into a personal enmity.

During the interview, Hysenbelliu pointed out his conversations with Edi Rama when they both had lunch together at the former Prestige resort. "Rama chose the concept, he also chose me the architect", confessed Hysenbelliu, while emphasizing the discussions on the construction sector in Tirana and the preferences that Rama had for foreign architects, also mentioning the dismissed deputy prime minister, Arben Ahmetaj.

"I myself was face to face with Edi Rama, we discussed with him, he was the chairman of the parliamentary group, it was Arben Ahmetaj, it was Fuga. there was a debate and I told him: Let me ask you a question, how is it explained that he doesn't even understand Albanian and gives every project to this man? Does this give you mind and development? How do you get along with that man? He knows how to understand the language himself", Hysenbelliu said.

Finding a reason for the demolition of the hotel, according to Hysenbelli, it all came about after his media took a critical stance towards Minister Belinda Balluku and always, according to Hysenbelli, where the fact was not chewed by Prime Minister Edi Rama.

So, Irfan Hysenbelliut is precisely the deputy prime minister who also leads the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure because of the breakdown of his relations with Edi Rama.

"Mrs. Balluku knows well, how many times she has come to me with a problem to give her a solution and I have tried..." Hysenbelliu said about Belinda Balluku, for whom she had not stopped denouncing road tenders in his media.

The demolition of the pools in September, Hysenbelliu said, was the first signal.

"Why didn't you do this in September what you are doing today? It barbarically led the fadromes among the crying children, led a signal for us to change the editorial line. But we continued with the denunciations about the roads and in this he is connected with Mrs. Balluku and Prime Minister Rama with Mrs. Balluku that they are connected together, we have information that they are very close to each other in this action that they have done together", said Hysenbelliu, accusing that PPP is given with a piece of paper from Edi Rama.

He emphasized Balluk's name several times. According to his version, she was one of the main instigators of the attack on him.

"I feel sorry for Balluk for being so passionate, because she has institutions like KESH, OST. She signs, You saw that Rama signs last. You had a whole file of public abuse that he has done." said Hysenbelliu, blaming Balluk for the destruction of the hotel.

Hysenbelliu has also shown unknown details about the confidential conversations he had with Linda Rama, Lulzim Basha and Ilir Meta during his interview.

For Edi Rama

"Let Fatos Nano know that he would be the most ordinary immigrant in Paris, let him know. And when he was arguing with Fatos Nano and Ilir Meta, he was like a dice, you've seen it. This is the end of it. Edi Rama is very good at closing problems. But he is very smart. He has incredible intelligence. He knows how to argue. He only thinks about schemes before the opponent. it is very clear. His brain works."

For Linda Rama

"I feel sorry for his wife. Because I have a lot of respect for his wife. And I have a lot of friendship with him. I took it to Ylli Çabiri at work. I hired him. I took him, I hired him. He was crying at that time. I took it to Ylli, because I don't know if Ylli has the memory to remember it, ask him. Yes, I took him there, because they told me that Ylli Çabiri is. I took him to Ylli Çabiri, I helped him, I supported him. I don't think I would get this answer from her husband today. I believe that even she will not be very satisfied".

For Lulzim Basha

"I met with the leader of the opposition. I told him "He blew up the palace". "He didn't throw it at me, he said he threw it at his father-in-law," he told me. It left me with a bad taste."

For Ilir Meta

"Meta loved him very much and boasted about this: "It's like this and like that". I told him "This will become one of the most adversarial people and will make you talk to yourself".

For Taulant Balla

"I felt bad when they talked about my friend Taulant Balla, who said that he was sitting there, that I call him brother, I felt bad, that I am not one of those people, but those people who brought out that word were irritated".