Fevziu: Responsible for the state of the DP today, Berisha. The disintegration of the opposition favored Rama

2023-03-20 22:14:17Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Fevziu: Responsible for the state of the DP today, Berisha

In the studio of the show 'The Unexposed', journalist Blendi Fevziu stated that Sali Berisha himself is responsible for the situation in which the Democratic Party is today.

He said that the biggest problem came from Berisha's support for Basha and that according to him, if 'non grata' had not happened, Basha could still be the chairman of the DP today.

"Berisha is also responsible for the situation in which the democratic party came, one of them is his great support for Basha. Berisha's biggest problem is his support for Basha after losing the 2017 elections when he realized that Basha entering the election in compromise with Rama was a fatal mistake, the umbrella itself was a fatal mistake, but especially Basha's support after losing elections 2021. If it wasn't for the US decision to declare him non grata and Basha's decision, today the latter would still be the chairman of the DP and a Democratic Party that was an opposition that understood what it was doing and where it was going. go. Berisha supported Basha and in this aspect Berisha has his responsibility.

Asked about Berisha's accusations that he considers Alibeaj and Basha as Rama's hostages, Fevziu said that he does not have any concrete facts to say this, but he added that these movements are known to serve Rama.

"These movements of Alibeaj and Basha serve Rama, because they keep the PD divided, but are they sold? I can't say because I don't have any facts. People also play for their private interests, which at a certain moment coincide with the interests of the other party. I can say that the actions that were taken led to a split in the democratic party and that favored Rama, but I can't say that they were sold".

Fevziu stated that Ilir Meta has a party of votes which, if he keeps them, those votes will be vital for the opposition. He said that Meta's votes to determine an opposition victory are indispensable.

"I think that Ilir Meta has a party of votes that will determine how many there are. And we know how much the Freedom Party's reserve is and we know how much it will reactivate its electorate. Meta is a man, a kind of political animal, and if he keeps these votes, they are vital for the opposition. Ilir Meta's votes to determine a victory of the opposition are necessary whether Ilir Meta likes it or not".

Regarding the involvement of criminal gangs in the campaign, Fevziu described it as a disaster.

"The involvement of gangs in elections is a disaster. Second, I have a strong conviction that they do not give you votes, but rather harm you. In Tirana, for example, to think that you will get votes with gangs is impossible, therefore I appeal to every politician that the attempt to involve criminal persons in the elections is criminal".